Sonic Timeworks CompressorX

Sonic Timeworks CompressorX 1.1

A digital compressor,acts as a real-time compressor and on recorded material (See all)

The CompressorX software is a digital compressor that can be used both as a real-time compressor and on recorded material as well. CompressorX is a mixer plug-in and compatible with all Soundscape Digital Audio Workstations (for example, Soundscape 32) and DSP powered expansion cards (Mixpander, Mixtreme). This plug-in offers a good range of controls, including hard or soft knees, peak or RMS limiting, and true stereo operation. CompressorX is available in mono, stereo and stereo with sidechain formats. You can use it for compression, ducking or limiting, in audio recording, mixing and post-production situations. There is a meter with GR (Gain Reduction) that will make it easy for you to see your compression level. Additionally there's a brick wall (limiter), so, it's actually both a compressor and a limiter all in one. In short, you can make Analog or Digital modes, peak or RMS limiting, fast or slow sounding, auto-release, bypass a brick wall, optional sidechain configuration. The output quality is the best and the front-ends are extremely well designed. Unfortunately, it has cumbersome user-interface, due to the very small font size used for setting the compressor parameters. A 14-days demo version is available on the developer's web site.

Julia Galygo
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  • High quality sound
  • Good range of control
  • Mono and stereo formats


  • Cumbersome interface
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